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Our Mission

To provide customary solutions based on our client’s health needs and desires. We offer a plethora of innovative health services that have revolutionized the health industry. Our aim is for our clients to unearth the best version of themselves while providing sustainable solutions that will last a lifetime.

What We Do Health and Wellness Programs

Acute Care

We have this level of health care service where you or your loved ones will be treated for a brief but severe episode of illness, conditions from disease or trauma, and many more.

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In our Pilates Studio, we work on Individual fitness needs, strengthening weak areas or stretching tight muscles. We focus on functional movements for a healthy back, neck, and hip pain. You are the center of our focus.

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We work off-site, develop group exercises, create stretch breaks mid-seminar, teach wellness as part of a balanced work life, or discuss nutrition needs. If your company is planning a meeting or seminar, let’s discuss options.

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These are tailored body-correcting therapies that depend on your lifestyle, including hydrotherapy, vitamins, food, meal prep, or nutrition help. Each of these areas will help support active people.

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Patient's Step by Step Initial Guide

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, and we're here to support you every step of the way. That is why we have prepared a step by step guide on your way to your goal.

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You’re Important to Us Let’s Get Started

No matter how well-rounded you are, you probably need help in some area of your life. Please check our resources and get started.

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Set an Appointment

Let us talk about how we can be able to help you live and feel good.

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Send Your Referrals

Know someone who needs our service? Refer them to us!

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Therapy Equipment Accessories

Let's face it. Our physical and mental well-being gets a boost from the clothes we wear, our comfort while we work out, and the equipment we use for our exercise routines. Please take a look.

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Our Clients We Have Worked With

  • american sports and fitness association
  • athletic certification and training commission
  • completion certificate
  • certificate of completion
  • certificate of achievement

Our Reviews

Keekee WoodsKeekee Woods
02:07 08 Jan 23
I enjoy the health and wellness coaching from Musu as well as the workouts. She is very knowledgeable and caring. I’m someone who isn’t comfortable going to a traditional gym setting by myself but I always felt comfortable and excited for my workouts with Musu. Also, she was great at designing workouts that helped minimize stiffness in my lower back and shoulder.
L. GreenL. Green
01:37 19 Dec 22
I started working out with Musu winter of 2021. At this time I had difficulty doing every day things that involved sitting, walking or standing. Yes! It was all painful! Washing dishes, vacuuming, driving etc. However, after a few months, I was able to do all of those and more, pain free! Musu is very patient and gentle and encourages her clients to listen to their bodies. Working with her has helped me heal and I continue to improve and get stronger.
Wellness is health. At Integrative Health Recreation & Musu Wellness you will receive a complete experience from bloodwork to feel good because they make you look good.
I See You StudiosI See You Studios
20:27 13 Dec 22
I would have been lead astray and on the road to taking unnecessary medication had I listened to a practitioner who, after looking at an xray of my cervical spine, told me I had arthritis in my neck. THANKFULLY. I spoke with Musu who asked me a myriad of questions the practitioner didn't even ask. Come to find out, my pain was the result of having a poor ergonomic set up in my office, sleeping on a pillow that offered no support and simply not moving enough during the course of my work day.Musu, I'm grateful to you for reminding me to not just treat the symptom but dig for the root cause, then go from there. Blessings
Barbara CunhaBarbara Cunha
12:12 02 Jul 21
I have been working with Musu for almost two years and love it. In past, I could not work out for more than two months in a role with being bored or discouraged. I haven’t stopped since I started working with Musu and I can feel a huge difference in my body and overall health. She does a fantastic job tailoring the exercise to your needs and goals and making it fun!


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